Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Craft - clear contact and tissue paper steps

Spring Craft using clear contact and tissue paper

The finished craft
Step1: I cut the contact paper 8" x 12" (roll 12" wide) & cut 1/2" strips of card green 
cardstock on the paper cutter

Step 2-5: I lifted the edges to add the card stock frame to add all sides to the frame

 card stock stuck to the contact paper

Craft was prepared ahead of time so card stock frame was added ahead of time. 
The backing was left on contact paper until I arrived for the craft activity.

Step 6: cut string 8" - 10"

Step 7: Hole punch on one side of frame 

 Step 8: tied ends of string and pulled through punched hole

 Step 9: Pull tied end through loop

 Step 10: When kids are ready to do craft the paper was peeled away from the 
clear contact paper

 Step 11: Craft punched butterflies placed on the sticky side of contact paper

 Step 12: Torn or cut tissue paper stick to contact paper, overlapping and covering the butterflies. I encouraged the kids to cover the butterflies and showed them the other side - otherwise they did not realize the butterflies would show since they are 
working on the back side.

Craft hung in window allows the light to show shine through the tissue paper. I especially like how the overlapping tissue paper makes new colors!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

God's Fall Beauty

I can't resist picking up leaves while I am walking on a fall day. Each leaf is unique. I could collect and paint leaves all day long! Fall is a such a beautiful time of year. Each leaf is beautiful on its own up close. As I walk or drive around I am amazed at the colors of the trees as the colors are changing & to see each colorful tree next to another is beautiful as well.

Fall Leaves - crayon & water color resist

One of my art students showed up last week with fall leaves she had picked up. She wanted to do crayon rubbings of the leaves. We went to the back yard to collect additional leaves. Once we had done our crayon rubbings of our different leaves we then painted over the crayon with Crayola water color paint. 

I was needing some cards....I tore the painted crayon resist paper into various rectangles to fit on my folded white card stock. For a finishing touch I added an outline of red & orange with a stamp pad I was using for the inside greeting.
I had extra strips left from the crayon resist leaf paper. I laid one set of papers across a piece of paper & taped down to hold them in place. In the other direction I wove the strips to make a woven rectangle. I love to see how the colors & shapes fit together to create a new unexpected image.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Art Camp Day 3 / 3D Sculpture - miscellaneous explorations

The last day was spent painting the dry paper mache sculptures. There was additional time to do additional exploration in wood, clay and additional experimentation with other materials.

Aluminum foil & brown cardstock

Pipe cleaner Eiffel Tower
Landscape - styrofoam peanuts, toothpicks, & popsicle sticks

Art Camp Day 3 / 3D Sculpture - Assembage

Third day of 3d sculpture exploration was spent doing assemblage of wood shapes. The students again surprised me with wonderful creations!

Kennedy's frog & duck

 Heath's - table w/ drawer, duck car, frog, & elephant

Art Camp Day 2 / 3D Sculpture - Recycled Materials / Paper Mache

Second Day students dove into making sculptures using recyclable materials such as card board boxes and tin cans. Not wanting to limit my students creativity they decided to create huge vertical standing sculpture. Once the paper mache dried we were good to go. During the process it was touch and go! Check out these creations!

 Heath's Church!

Kennedy's Ostrich

 The beginning of my chicken paper mache sculpture

Heath's Church in process of drying -  

Kennedy's Ostrich after 1st application of paper mache. The creative disastrous state of the Kitchen table!

Heath's creation dry and standing before paint!

Art Camp Day 1 / 3D Sculpture - Clay

What an awesome 3-d Sculpture Camp. My students & I worked hard! They were soooooo creative. 
First day students worked with clay. They mostly liked the additive method. They were open to trying slab & relief methods as well. Once the clay dried (I use Crayola air dry clay) students painted on Day 3.

 Heath was into food! A taco



 Kennedy was into animals! Her cat


 Green Pig

Heath's heart shaped bowl